Oh, Great Timing

Last week I decided to splurge and order The Prisoner Complete Megaset even though it pretty much blew my entertainment bugdet for the rest of the month. It's been playing on BBC America recently, and I've gotten tired of watching chopped up episodes.

Plus I don't want to wait two months to see Number 6 sing "Dem Bones".

But then today I was reading Kevin Rose's blog and saw that Amazon's offering all Fox season 1 DVD sets for only $14.99! That covers everything from The Simpsons S1 (13 half hour episodes) to 24 S1 (24 hour longs) -- but for either one, that's a hellacious deal. And way too good to pass up. Hell, I even ordered the King of the Hill set, and I think the show's only mildly amusing.

I ended up buying four sets (would've been six, but I already own Futurama and Buffy). Hey, it took me two weeks to get through The Simpsosn S4; these should last me through Christmas.