Doomed, I Say! Doomed!

Remember the days when the US dollar was worth something? Like, 2000? Then the BEP decided to make the dollar look like Monopoly money, and now it's worth about the same.

The Canadian dollar reached parity with the U.S. dollar on Thursday for the first time since November 1976.

Known as the loonie because of the bird pictured on the one-dollar coin, the Canadian dollar has been gaining ground on its American counterpart since hitting an all-time low of 61.79 U.S. cents on Jan. 21, 2002.

This week the loonie rose sharply against its U.S. counterpart after the Federal Reserve announced a dramatic half-point cut in its benchmark interest rates. The Bank of Canada, meanwhile, has kept its equivalent rates stable.

Well, at least we finally know Bush's plan for stopping illegal immigration.


Oh Ha-Fucking-Ha

When Robert Jordan first began writing The Wheel of Time series, it was intended to be a trilogy. But then he decided he had more story to go, and it expanded ... and expanded ... and kept expanding. He kept promising fans that it'd only take three more books to tell the story, but he said that after every freakin' installment. But each volume took longer to write, and less happened in them -- in fact, it got to the point where some of the books were starting before the previous one finished and covered only a week of time, with no plot progression of note.

Then came the eleventh book -- yes, eleven door-stop novels, and still the series was on going -- and tremendous movement took place towards the ending, so much so that people complained it was too rushed and resolutions came out of nowhere. Around this time, Jordan announced he was dying, but intended to finish the series before he died.

He didn't.

He could've completed the series in a timely manner, but he decided instead to draw it out for more money, and now we'll never get the proper conclusion.

I'm never going to start another book series that isn't already finished.

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Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!

So I was just rewatching Logan's Run, and I don't think this gets said nearly enough -- Jenny Agutter was teh hawt!

That is all that needs saying.


Sing of the Devil, Dude!

George W. Bush shows his true allegiance.

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Now here's a real drama queen -- with the emphasis on queen.

But you know, take away the histrionics and I kinda agree with him. Sure, Brit's dance number looked like it was choreographed by Sparkle Motion, and her lip-syncing was on the level of a '70s kung-fu movie. But I've seen a number of people trashing her for being a fat cow. Say, "Huh?" She looks like a trailer park skank ho, but she's always been that way. Her body didn't look too bad on the VMAs, apart from the fact that her vagina's probably infested by critters. But she's maybe five, ten pounds heavier since popping out her sprogs than in her hey-day, so people are going on like she's turned into Rosie O'Donnell.

However, I'm not going to cry like a bitch over Brit-wick's ill-fortune -- maybe when she's 40 and been reduced to performing as a stripper in Arkansas, but not until then.