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Arthur C. Clarke, one of the last surviving Golden Age SF authors, is dead at age 90.

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You think Fox News is bad? At least you don't live in Wales (unless you do, in which case I'm terribly sorry for you).

Mar 4 2008 by Tony Woolway, Western Mail

HOLLYWOOD star Danny Kaye, who starred on screen, stage and television for more than 40 years, died yesterday at the age of 74.

Kaye, who entered Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, died of heart failure brought on by intestinal bleeding and hepatitis.

Kaye’s wife, composer Sylvia Fine, and their daughter, Dena, had been mounting a vigil at his bedside. Kaye died at 11.58am London time.

Danny Kaye would have been the envy of Walter Mitty, the fictional dreamer portrayed by Kaye in one of his most memorable film roles, as the comic actor rarely repressed an urge to master a new skill.


Born David Daniel Kaminsky on January 18, 1913 in Brooklyn, New York, Kaye was the son of an immigrant Ukrainian tailor. After leaving high school at 17 without a diploma, he got early experience as a comedian on the so-called Jewish circuit of summer hotels and camps in the Catskill Mountains.

Now those of you good with the maths might note that 2008-1913=/=74. In point of fact, Danny Kaye died 21 years ago yesterday. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a story.

Now excuse me, I'm going to edit his Wikipedia page to reflect this news story.