The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made

This was a horribly disappointing book. While there are a few chapters devoted to interesting sci-fi ideas that never got off the ground, or books that were optioned for films and never made, mostly it tells the tales of good ideas that became bad movies. Except not even that. For example, there was never a good idea attached to Alien 3 -- the studio just wanted a sequel by a certain time, story be damned.

Almost all the information in this book can be gleaned from other sources. Want to know what went wrong with Alien 3? Read Wikipedia and the IMDb trivia page, find William Gibson's script online, and watch the 2.5 hour docu in the Quadrilogy boxset, and you'll know as much as David Hughes, since I suspect that's what his research consisted of. Among the sources he cites in the Alien 3 chapter is the "Alien 3 Movie Special," which, if I'm not mistaken, was the EPK that HBO ran before the movie came out. Elsewhere he quotes sites like Coming Attractions and Ain't It Cool News. If you're a movie geek, you probably know everything in this book already. If not, you probably won't care.