Short Stories

The Victor's History
The severed head had fallen into the narrow gap between the stairs and wall. I had to lie on the icy stone landing and stretch my arm almost out of joint to reach it, just managing to catch a lock of frozen hair between my fingers and lift it out.
Whoever'd done the chopping had done a foul job--judging by the jagged flaps of skin hanging from the neck, he'd taken over a dozen whacks. I turned the head over in my hands and noted extensive bruising around the eyes and on the cheeks.
I set the head on a step and turned to survey the rest of the courtyard. Abattoir more like. Professor Lokomolos's torso lay atop a snowdrift, his entrails strewn across the yard like party streamers. One of his legs was draped over a tree branch and the other stood frozen in the middle of the yard as though it'd decided to take a walk without the rest of the body.
Canticles of the Wolves

Goldboro backed away from the wolf slowly. The baby in her arms awoke and let forth a shrill shriek, which Goldboro stifled by pressing the infant's face against her breasts. Another wolf stepped from the darkness, followed by another and another, as though drawn by the infant's cries. Soon Goldboro was surrounded by wolves, even the smallest standing higher than her waist. She turned round, looking for some break in their ranks, a gap through which she could escape. The baby squirmed against her breast, as though trying to break free; Goldboro glanced down at it. If the priest hadn't forced it into her arms as he led her from the village, she would've left the damned thing behind. As she looked at the child, it gurgled and reached an arm toward her face.
It looked just like its father.
She hurled the infant at the nearest wolf, which jumped up to catch the baby in its jaws. Several other wolves joined it, tearing at arms and legs. For a moment the baby shrieked before one of the wolves tore its throat out, sending a fountain of blood spurting into the air.

The Testament of Lady Silvie

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The turnkey has finally returned with the writing tablet, quill and ink bottle so I can commence composing my testament. I hold no illusions that this, my last work, should ever fall under mortal eye, or, if by some miracle it does, that the reader--whoever you might be, highborn or low--should believe the words I write here. However, this parchment shall most likely be burned unread by my jailer. Perhaps the Prince will have a secretary forge my handwriting and offer forth a false document agreeing with the popular reports of my grievous behavior. Indeed, except for tradition, I know not why I am even allowed access to this paper if no one shall ever read what I write hereon.

Still, I must take a chance on the truth eventually becoming known through this testament, otherwise history will call my bastard step-daughter a virtuous princess, while I and my daughters are vilified. Already I have heard the tales of "Cinderella" rampant in the kingdom, turning that scamp into a martyr among milkmaids and saint for scullery girls. She was always a skillful liar, but the tales Elise has spun about me far outstrip anything she fabricated in my household.

False Colored Eyes

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"Father is dead."

That's all the note says, but Osva knows it's as good as a death warrant, for as soon as his brother ascends to the throne he will dispatch assassins to all his brothers. Trapped in the ice-bound satrapy of Turthoch, Osva must find a way to leave before the killers arrive. But when his father's beautiful concubine Zian arrives, another possibility presents itself.

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A Portion for Foxes and Other Stories


Public Domain Collections

The House Divided

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In November 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President by a narrow plurality, lighting the fuse on the bomb that would explode five months later at Fort Sumter. 150 years later, controversy still swirls around what exactly caused this conflagration. Were the Southron rebels motivated by anything other than slavery? Was the war about states' rights and the economic disparity between North and South?

This book compiles dozens of letters, speeches, newspaper articles, and the ordinances of secession of the Confederate states to illustrate the arguments on both sides, and to show the sequence of events that led to one of America's bloodiest wars.

The Alfred Hitchcock Collection

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The Lodger: Death stalks the London Fog!

The Secret Agent: Anarchist terrorists plot to destroy Britain!

The Man Who Knew Too Much: A classic collection of mysteries by an English master.

The Manxman: A tale of romance in the British Isles.

The 39 Steps: German spies plot to destroy the British fleet at the start of World War I! 
Hail Britannia

In the second half of the 19th Century, the European powers launched on an unprecedented campaign of global domination, bringing large parts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific isles under their heel. Reactions at home ranged from jingoism to cynicism to outright revulsion. The tales in this book represent the whole gamut, from realistic tales of the Great Game, to juvenile adventures, to dark tales of the evil of mankind.

The Four Feathers - A tale of disgrace and redemption set against the Mahdi uprising in Sudan.

The Heart of Darkness - Journey into the hell that was the Belgian Congo to meet a man who has been driven mad by the dehumanizing oppression around him.

Kim - The orphaned son of a British soldier becomes embroiled in the political intrigues of Colonial India.

The Dash to Khartoum - The Mahdi uprising is here reduced to the backdrop for a moralistic children's adventure.

The River War - Sir Winston Churchill's history of the Mahdi uprising provides context for several tales in this book, as well as a look at the "logic of empire." 
 Lovecraft's House of Horror

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In 1927, H.P. Lovecraft wrote the essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature," a concise, comprehensive history of the weird tale. Collected here are twenty-five stories that Lovecraft singled out for praise, including classic stories by Ambrose Bierce, Guy de Maupassant, Goethe, and Rudyard Kiping, along with many lesser known tales that are seldom reprinted.

Turn out the lights, lock the doors, and prepare to be terrified.

The Naughty Stuff That You Totally Shouldn't Read, You Pervert
I Used to Be a Good Girl
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Marie was a good girl until she met her new roommate. Amy is a wild girl, determined to initiate Marie into her ways of hedonism. This is going to be one semester neither of them will ever forget....
In the cafeteria, there weren't any empty tables. Amy pointed to one with only one person sitting at it -- a tall, geeky guy. Not seeing anyone I knew around, I followed Amy to the table.

"Mind if we join you?" she asked the guy.

"Yes -- er, I mean, no, go right ahead," he stammered.

Right away Amy started chatting him up. His name was Edward, and he was a freshman, just starting college.

"Any parties in the freshman dorms?" I asked.

"Uh, none that I've been invited to," he said.

Figured. He didn't look like the type to get an invitation. There were probably at least three frat parties for freshmen that night -- especially for nice, virginal freshmen girls. Geeks not invited.

"So you don't have anything to do?" Amy asked.

I glanced at her quizzically. This kid looked like a loser. What did she want with him. Amy winked at me.

"No, I haven't anything planned. Got my computer set up. I was just going to have fun with a T-1 line," Edward said.

Translation, he's going to download some porn.

"So, you wouldn't want to come over to our room and watch some movies?" Amy asked.
(Also available in the collection, "I Was a Co-ed Nympho.")

 Dungeons, Dragons
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"You like Belle and Sebastian?"

"What is that, a Disney album?"

"No," she said and double clicked a song. It was pretty good music, though the singer was a bit whiney for my taste. But that didn't matter. As soon as I got the joint right and took my first toke, the singer suddenly sounded much better. I passed to Ann-Sophie, who had sat down on the other end of the bed. She took a deep drag and held it in her lungs for what seemed forever before exhaling a long stream.

As I took the joint for another puff, I noticed she'd turned the lights off and the room was only lit by the orange glow of a lamp-post outside. This was almost like a romant -- oh.

Ann-Sophie placed a hand on my knee. I looked up, our eyes meeting.

(Also available in the collection, "I Was a Co-ed Nympho")

Losing It
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As the door shut, Ted turned to Vivian and blinked in surprise, seeing her ensemble for the first time. "Oh, I thought we were staying in to watch TV."

"We are." Well, they were staying in. "But I felt like dressing up."

"Really? That's weird. One of those woman things?"

Vivian stifled a sigh. "I thought you'd like it. But if not, I could change back to jeans and a T-shirt."

"No, I do like it." He eyed her, his eyes lingering on her bosom--she had to admit that Lauren's choice of bra did wonders for her bust. Well, if I'm going to take charge, I might as well take charge, she thought. She stepped towards him until their bodies were almost touching.

"How much do you like it?"

"A-a lot." She felt his breath on her forehead when he spoke.

"Really?" Her heart was beating fast. This is it, she thought. I'm really going to go through with it.

He leaned in and their lips met. It was an awkward kiss--neither of them had much practice beyond quick pecks at the end of their dates--and when they parted, they both had saliva running down their chins.

"Wow," he said.

"Wow," she agreed.

(Also available in the collection, "I Was a Co-ed Nympho.")

Easy A or Easy Lay?

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"Professor," I leaned forward, "I will do anything for a B in your class."

His eyes flickered downward to my cleavage. "Anything?"

"Absolutely anything."

He opened a drawer and began rummaging around. Oh, God, don't tell me he's into fetishes and toys, I thought. I was afraid he was going to pull out something crazy like handcuffs or ben-wa balls. But if he did, what was I going to do? I really need that B.

(Also available in the collection, "I Was a Co-ed Nympho.")

Mudpuddle Reunion
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We did it my dorm ... and the shower ... and the laundry room ... and the middle of campus. 

After spending the summer apart, John and Cate can't wait to get their hands on each other, and they don't care where they do it. From the middle of campus during a thunderstorm, to the laundryroom, they'll leave nowhere untouched.

(Also available in the collection, "I Was a Co-ed Nympho.")

Granola Girl
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Hippies! They infest colleges like a plague of locusts. Every year they corrupt hundreds of innocent young men and women with their deviant philosophy of sex, drugs and rock & roll. This is the shocking story of one such man and the depths of depravity he sinks to when he invites a beautiful hippie girl back to his dorm.

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I Was a Co-ed Nympho
(Shocking Confessions #1)
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Every year a million young men and women head off to college. For many this is their first extended stay away from home without any parental supervision, and for most it's an excuse for wild sexual experimentation. Come inside the dorms to learn the shocking truth of what goes on when hundreds of horny men and women are thrown together with too many hormones and too little to do.

EXTRA CREDIT - Becca will do anything for an A -- except study.

MUDPUDDLE REUNION - After a summer apart, Cate and John spend a night getting reaquainted in his dorm ... and the shower ... and the laundry room ... and the middle of the quad. Will they leave any part of campus untouched?

LOSING IT - After two months of chaste dates with Ted, Vivian realizes the only way she'll lose her virginity to him is if she makes the first move.

DUNGEONS, DRAGONS AND LESBIANS - Ellie discovers the joys of role playing games. Then she discovers the joys of another woman's body.

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College Girl Needs Cash